Class B

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warming or cooling blood in the extracorporeal circulatory system
cardioscopes with or without pacing pulse indicators
centrifugation of blood for transfusion or auto transfusion
chest retractors for cardiac surgery
dental hand pieces
temporarily store and transport of organs for transplant
diagnostic ultrasound
electrical acupuncture
electronic thermometers
evoked response stimulators
external bone growth stimulators
feeding pumps
fissures sealants
fixed dental prostheses
heat and moisture exchangers
heat exchangers
hydrogel dressings
hypodermic needles and syringes
infusion cannulae
jet injectors for vaccination
nasopharyngeal airways
perineal reduction devices
polymer film dressings
positron emission tomography
powered nasal irrigators
pulp testers
removal of carbon dioxide from the blood and/or adding oxygen
single photon emission computer tomography
skin closure devices or temporary filling materials
sperm and human embryos
suction catheters or tubes for stomach drainage
surgical gloves
surgical swabs
TENS devices
tracheal tubes
urinary catheters
vaginal pessaries
adhesives for topical use
cryosurgery equipment
dental adhesives used for root canal therapy
dentine adhesives
gamma cameras
hard contact lenses
hearing aids
magnetic and electromagnetic energy muscle stimulators
magnetic resonance equipment
non-medicated impregnated gauze dressings
orthodontic wire
oxygen tubing and masks; anaesthetic tubing and breathing circuits
particulate filtration of blood in an extracorporeal circulation system
phototherapy for skin treatment and for neonatal care
powered dermatomes
some surgical retractors for example
sterilizers specifically intended to sterilize medical devices
suction equipment
suture needles
syringes and tubing for infusion pumps
tracheostomy tubes connected to a ventilator
Tubes for blood transfusion
Washers-disinfectors intended specifically for disinfecting non-invasive medical devices
long-term storage of biological substances and tissues such as corneas

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