Class C

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infusion pumps
blood bags (including those containing or coated with an anticoagulant)
catheters containing or incorporating radioactive isotopes where the isotope is not intended to be released into the body
bone wax
personal insulin injectors
intravenous cannulae
surgical / tissue adhesives
bradytherapy devices
Maxillo-facial implants
bone cement
bone plates (orthopedic use)
bone screws (orthopedic use)
lung ventilators
infant incubators
high-frequency electrosurgical generators
surgical lasers
radioactive sources for after- loading therapy
external feedback systems for active therapeutic devices
intensive care monitoring systems
apnoea monitors
diagnostic x-ray sources
auto exposure control systems
hard contact lens solutions
Denture disinfecting products
Washers-disinfectors for endoscopes
Disinfectants for the fluid pathways of haemodialysis equipment
Disinfectants for ocular prosthesis
intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis
surgical equipment and invasive dental equipment
after-loading control devices
biological sensors
comfort solutions
contraceptive diaphragms
linear accelerators
physiotherapy ultrasound devices
radiotherapy afterloading controls systems
therapeutic cyclotrons
warming blankets for unconscious patients
anaesthesia machines
blood gas analysers used in open- heart surgery
blood warmers
external defibrillators
linear accelerators
anaesthetic vaporisers
electroconvulsive therapy equipment
heat exchangers used in intensive care
therapeutic X-ray sources
dialysis equipment
blood pumps for heart-lung machines
hyperbaric chambers
pressure regulators for medical gases
medical gas mixers
moisture exchangers in breathing circuits
nebulisers where the failure to deliver the appropriate dosage form could be hazardous

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