Medical Device Classification module added!

We are very pleased to introduce our Medical Device Classification module guide to welcome new parties into the industry and help them understand how devices are classified. MnandiPharma prides itself in pushing boundaries of previously unanswered norms of the industry, just as the regulation itself breaks away from the Medicines regulations.

Please feel free to try it out as many times as you please, however, we do disclaim that it is purely for educational purposes and does not claim to stand any authority whatsoever. The module is based purely on the guidelines.

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Instructions for Use for a medical device

Information to be provided as Instructions for Use with the medical device or IVD, or on the packaging of each unit or on the packaging of multiple devices or IVDs.

Instructions for the use of a medical device must be provided with the device.

However, instructions for the use of a medical device need not be provided with the device or may be abbreviated, if:

  • the device is a Class A medical device and
  • the device can be used safely for its intended purpose without instructions.

    Instructions for the use of a medical device must include information mentioned in the following table that is applicable to the device.

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